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Terpenes and Marijuana

Terpenes and marijuana

Myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene... when it comes to marijuana compounds, most would not know how to mention many beyond THC or CBD, however there is a whole family of compounds unknown to many that is perhaps the main determinant of the selection of strains, as well as responsible for many particular properties of each of them. We are talking about terpenes.



We test the CBD+ Critical#47 from Positronics Seeds

The CBD+ Critical#47 version from Positronics Seeds, which we are going to tell you about today, is excellent for pain relief because of the perfect combination between two families never merged before: the best clone of Critical#47, with high recessive THC content, with a strain rediscovered by CBD Crew. As a result, fast plants, strong but not too tall. It also maintains its flowering speed and its optimal production, so that the lovers of CBD will desire this strain for its known therapeutic virtues. To go back to the origin of this new variety created by Positronics and CBD Crew, we must first go back to the cross from which ... Read more