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What does 420 mean?

What does 420 mean? What is its history?

What is 420, the number of active substances in the plant, the Dutch tea time, the number of letters in some random song by Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin or Jimmi Hendrix, the American police code for possession or consumption offenses, etc.? Theories about the origin of 4/20 and its relation to marijuana reach almost 420 itself, but what is its true meaning?


history of cinema and marijuana

Brief History of Marijuana in Film

First they were lazy, idiots, losers and social misfits. Then they mutated slightly into surfers, high school students, Mathew McCounaghey making his debut on the big screen saying "Allright, allright", Jay and Silent Bob or Johnny Depp over the top in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. The figure of the marijuana consumer in movies and in Hollywood has changed from the typical stoner, the stoner on duty, to a more elitist and cool image.



The history between the Vikings and Hemp

Did you know the relationship between the Viking people and hemp? For thousands of years, hemp has been cultivated in Europe by different civilizations. Today, we want to talk about the relationship that the Vikings had with the plant and its cultivation. In many occasions, in Diario420 we like to take a look back to understand the implications that plants may have had in many cultures and civilizations that have trodden part of the land where now, many of them cannot be planted. On this occasion, we are going to stop about 1300 years ago, more specifically ... Read more