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Marijuana in sports

Marijuana in sports: pros and cons

Anyone who practices sports, and particularly those who do it professionally, is aware of the care that must be taken when consuming substances that produce various alterations in the body or in the brain. Marijuana is no exception.


differences hemp oil and marijuana

Differences between marijuana oil and hemp oil

What is the difference between marijuana oil and hemp oil? Apart from the fact that the extraction process and the part of the plant used differs between the two species, the oil obtained from each has different properties. It is important to keep this in mind when considering its use or consumption.


THC and CBD popcorn

Popcorn with THC or CBD arrives

Do you like popcorn and marijuana? If you answered yes to both questions you are in luck because from now on you will be able to join two of your hobbies in one; here comes popcorn with THC or CBD.


cannabis in spas and luxury restaurants

Cannabis arrives to Luxury Restaurants and Spas

Of course, for any layman in the world of cannabis, the uses that this product is developing in those places where it is legalized, may seem the most exotic. It is curious that here we have to hide behind this issue, while you can go to restaurants or spas in Los Angeles or Colorado, and have a drink with infused cannabis, or receive a facial treatment with CBD oil. Those who tolerate and participate without problems of our exacerbated and everlasting alcohol culture, are able to look with suspicious eyes to those who take a bar of ... Read more