Differences between a male and a female marijuana plant


Differences between a male and a female marijuana plant

In this article we will see the main differences between a male and a female marijuana plant, and we will explain why some growers opt for the cultivation of regular marijuana seeds.

Nowadays, most of the seeds presented in the catalogs of the different seed banks are feminized seeds. That is to say, seeds that will only produce female plants, capable of producing flowers for consumption.

This may seem the only option for a grower, but it would be forgetting an important part of the cannabis culture. On the market you can also find regular seeds, which can produce both male and female cannabis plants.

Let’s see the differences between a male and a female marijuana plant, how to recognize a male plant and why some growers buy only packets of regular seeds.

What is the difference between a male marijuana plant and a female plant?

Planta de marihuana macho

A male marijuana plant will produce pollen to fertilize female plants. A female plant produces flowers that will be consumable once harvested, but they can also receive pollen from male plants to produce seeds.

People who want to grow marijuana plants to consume buds should therefore be careful about the type of seeds they buy. Having a male plant inside a production cabinet can spoil an entire crop, filling the buds with hundreds of seeds.

To learn how to recognize a male marijuana plant

To recognize a male plant, it is necessary to wait for the flowering period. During growth there will be no significant differences, although the experienced grower will notice that a male marijuana plant tends to be more vigorous and to finish its growth cycle at a greater height.

Once flowering begins, a male marijuana plant will stand out in terms of flower production. Small clusters of small bells grouped in panicles can be observed, which hang downwards and end up opening and releasing pollen.

A female plant at the beginning of the flowering will offer calyxes in the shape of teardrop from where two white hairs come out and then produce what we know as marijuana buds.

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Hermaphroditic marijuana plants

No grower wants to see hermaphrodite plants in their growing area. These are plants that are usually primarily female, but still develop some male flowers.

If the male flowers produced are fertile, the grower will be unpleasantly surprised to find seeds inside their buds destined for consumption.

Unlike pollination between a male and a female marijuana plant, seed production from hermaphrodite pollen will not be desirable.

Seeds produced by a hermaphrodite plant will tend to produce other hermaphrodite plants. Therefore, it is clearly not advisable to grow seed from hermaphrodite plants.

The hermaphrodite trait is present in the genetic code of a plant, although its appearance can be encouraged by exposing plants carrying this trait to various stressful situations, such as very high temperatures, pest attacks, lighting or watering problems…

Use of a male marijuana plant

At first, one might think that all growers would want to grow only female plants capable of producing flowers for consumption. However, many growers prefer to resort to regular seed packets for several reasons.

Making your own crosses is a very rewarding experience and much easier than you might think.

By keeping a few mother plants, female and male, it will be possible to pollinate different strains with each other, so you can enjoy your own unique genetic creation.

Ideally, you should have a dedicated space for growing and storing mother plants, looking for the phenotypes with the most interesting characteristics. This involves applying the pollen from the selected male plant to the buds of the selected female plant to create your regular seeds.

Planta de marihuana macho

And not to mention new crosses, breeders will always need the regular seeds and the male plants to pollinate female flowers and produce seeds.

How to obtain a male marijuana plant?

Nothing easier. You just have to choose a genetics with regular cannabis seeds, to be sure to get male plants. Bulk Genetics offers you a selection of regular seeds in bulk, so you can make your selection to save a mother plant, female or male.

There is no exact ratio, i.e. you are not guaranteed any male/female ratio if you start with 10 regular cannabis seeds, for example.

However,you would have to be really unlucky not to be able to enjoy several male specimens germinating several regular cannabis seeds.

We hope that this article will have helped you to know the differences between a male and a female marijuana plant, how to recognize them and above all to grow regular seeds and to make your own selections, and maybe your first crosses.

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