How to get the maximum yield from your marijuana crop


How to get the maximum production in your marijuana crop

Whether outdoors or indoors, growing marijuana plants is an investment of time, but also of money. That’s why most growers, whether they are recreational or therapeutic users, want to get the maximum yield from their cannabis crop.

In this article, we will explain how to get the maximum yield from your marijuana crop, for satisfying and bountiful harvests and crops.

Get quality feminized seeds

How to get the maximum production in your marijuana crop? The first step is to get quality feminized marijuana seeds. Make sure you have feminized marijuana seeds with a good reputation and choose proven and well-known genetics to get off to the best possible start.

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Unless you are selecting genetics by growing regular marijuana seeds and producing cuttings, choosing a feminized cannabis strain will ensure that all plants are female and produce flowers. It will be the best way to ensure that your grow space will be fully dedicated to bud production.

To get the best production from your marijuana crop, choose quality feminized marijuana seeds and genetics known for their good resistance and abundant production. The catalog of cannabis seeds of Bulk Genetics can offer you different genetics adapted to obtain the most abundant harvests, such as Critical + 2.0 , Chronic or Northern Light.

Start germination at the beginning of the season.

This advice is only valid if you want to know how to get the maximum production in your outdoor marijuana cultivation. If you put the seeds to germinate at the beginning of the season, your plants will have more time to grow.

They will grow more, especially if you give them enough space to expand. For larger plants, you have to grow them directly in the ground or using very large pots, most marijuana plants will grow to over 2 meters tall.

Putting your seeds to germinate at the beginning of the season will not be enough to get the best production from your outdoor cannabis crop. If the plants do not have a good location and, therefore, maximum exposure to light, they will not be able to offer an optimal production.

If, on the other hand, the plants receive a lot of light, they will produce more branches and therefore be able to produce more flowers, for a more abundant harvest. If left to grow for several months, it will be possible to obtain hundreds of grams of high quality weed from a single seed.

Therefore, to obtain abundant harvests outdoors, it is necessary to germinate the seeds at the beginning of the season so that the plants will grow more and produce more flowers.

Use a good substrate

The substrate is an essential part of knowing how to get maximum production from your marijuana crop. This is because your plants will rest directly in the substrate. Poor quality soil or soil with the wrong amount of nutrients will have a direct impact on the abundance of the crop, whether indoors or outdoors.

The soil should be light and airy, so that the roots can develop faster, regardless of whether the substrate contains nutrients or not. To avoid problems, we advise you to choose a substrate designed for cannabis cultivation, from a recognized brand, be it Biobizz, Plagron or Canna. This advice also applies to our next point on the use of fertilizers.

If you choose a light substrate, i.e. with a light nutrient load, you will have to use more liquid fertilizers during the cultivation process, but if you choose a substrate that is already enriched with nutrients, their use will be dispensable. In both cases it is possible to get the most out of your plants, the important thing is to provide them with a quality substrate.

It is important to choose a substrate suitable for growing marijuana, to avoid problems during cultivation and to obtain the maximum possible yield. A good quality substrate allows a better root production, for healthy plants and more abundant harvests.

Use quality fertilizers

Nutrients are essential for plants to grow properly. A marijuana plant will need to receive a certain amount of nutrients to grow and produce flowers, it is its food.
You can add liquid fertilizers during the watering of your crop, or solid fertilizers to be mixed directly into the substrate. The key is to choose a recognized range of quality fertilizers.

There are several types of fertilizers and stimulators that you can use during the cultivation of marijuana to know how to get the maximum production of your crop, each with a specific function. Here are the main types of fertilizers to use during cannabis cultivation:

Root stimulator

Optimal root production is essential to get the most out of your plants. A plant with a good root system will be able to absorb more nutrients, which will result in faster growth and higher flower production.

Root stimulators are mainly used at the beginning of the crop and during growth, but also after transplanting. Once the plants have started to produce flowers, it is not necessary to apply a root stimulator.

Therefore, the use of a root stimulator will increase root production, which will result in larger plants and a higher yield.

Growth fertilizers

To know how to get the maximum production in your Marijuana crop, the use of growth fertilizers is essential. This type of fertilizer includes mainly nitrogen (N), one of the three main nutrients that all plants need to grow. Nitrogen is necessary for the production of chlorophyll, a pigment essential for photosynthesis.

Therefore, a plant lacking nitrogen will not be able to transform the energy it receives to properly develop its flowers, resulting in lower yields.

Growth fertilizers are important to ensure maximum yields, and the addition of nitrogen will ensure that plants are healthy and ready to produce a bountiful harvest.

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Flowering fertilizers

It may seem obvious, but when it comes to knowing how to get maximum production from your cannabis crops, the use of flowering fertilizers is key. Flowering fertilizers include the other 2 essential elements for plant development, Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).

These elements directly increase the production of flowers and also increase their volume by intervening in the synthesis of proteins and amino acids. They also help plants to be more resistant and increase the consistency and hardness of tissues.

The use of flowering fertilizers will be essential during flower production to increase flower volume and make plants more resistant.

Root stimulators

To complete the nutrition of your plants, it will also be important to use flowering stimulators, to know how to get the maximum production in your marijuana crop.
Flowering stimulators are always used as a complement to flowering fertilizers, to further increase the production of flowers, but also the quality of the harvest.

Bloom stimulators contain nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which help to stimulate the plant’s metabolism and increase bud production.
The use of a bloom stimulator will complement a basic range of nutrition to provide the missing elements to get the maximum yield from your crop.

Perform pruning to remove branches that do not reach the light.

This is an essential point and sometimes forgotten by many growers. Indeed, it is a manipulation that can create doubts for beginner growers; however, it is an essential manipulation to be able to obtain the best production during your cannabis crops.

Eliminating the low branches that do not receive light and/or the flowers on the branches, will allow to concentrate the production on the flowers correctly exposed, increasing the production and the global quality of the harvested flowers.

Harvest at the optimum time

Finally, harvesting at the optimal time is obviously essential to knowing how to get the maximum yield from your cannabis crop. Most strains will finish flowering 2-3 weeks before harvest, but some strains may have flowers that continue to swell almost until the last day before harvest.

Therefore, careful monitoring of trichome maturation will be essential to know when to harvest the flowers produced by your plants to get the maximum yield from your crop.

To observe the trichomes, you will need to use a 60X magnifying glass that you will place on your cannabis flowers. When you see the trichomes start to turn amber, it means that you can harvest the plants, and the flowers will not grow any more.

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Harvesting at the right time and waiting for the flowers to finish growing will ensure maximum yields. Be patient and wait for the right time to harvest by watching the trichome maturation.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about how to get the maximum yield from your cannabis crop. For increasingly satisfying harvests and crops.

We wish you good smokes and abundant harvests outdoors or indoors!

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