Documentary: Love, Pain and Cannabis


Documentary: Love, Pain and Cannabis

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The documentary “Love, Pain and Cannabis”, produced by TEC and the Communications and Press Office of the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, deals with scientific research on the medicinal and industrial uses of cannabis, the laws that regulate it and the debates on the decriminalization of adult consumption.

The protagonist of this story is Marcelo Morante, a doctor who decides to try a treatment with cannabis oil to alleviate the pain of his sister, who suffers from a serious illness. As he experiences positive results, Marcelo embarks on a journey with his siblings to achieve the decriminalization of medical cannabis in Argentina, using scientific research, militancy and love as tools.

The documentary shows how Marcelo meets different actors related to cannabis along the way, and how these encounters shape his vision of the millenary plant.

TEC, a transmedia space of science, technology and innovation, presents this documentary as part of its content aimed at all types of audiences, with a special focus on young people and teenagers.

This documentary shows the importance of scientific research on cannabis, as well as the role of society in the construction of public policies that allow access to treatments based on this plant. Through the testimonies of doctors, patients and activists, the positive impact that cannabis has on the quality of life of many people is highlighted.

The documentary “Love, Pain and Cannabis” invites us to reflect on the need to continue advancing in cannabis research and legislation, so that more people can benefit from its medicinal properties. It also shows us how love and perseverance can drive significant changes in society.

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